Krýmska 29, Praha 7

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Franck Alasseur peintre/painter/malíř

After graduation, I moved directly to Prague in 2003. At that time, my life was connected with photography and I left twenty years of experience as a professional photographer. Working on portraits, on art photography mainly with compositions always related to the light whether they were in color or in black and white. In 2021, the attraction for painting came back quite naturally, I was ready to express myself through this media, more solid, more earthy. I decided to create my own atelier, in an inspiring area on the border of Vinohradny district and Grebovka Park in Krymska street. Inspired by the work of Pierre Soulage, Yves Klein and Fabienne Verdier, my work is based on the expression of sensitivity towards nature. My relationship to light is primordial and also leaves to the public the choice to see it, to detect it, to appropriate it for itself. My work is based on the expression of sensitivity to the world. It is the process of creation that allows me to create paintings: I am guided by the work itself to enrich it or simplify it to add thickness or make it lighter. Once balanced, the work must reveal an imaginary for each of us, and improve the perception of our eyes over the time. Let us perceive the painting through feelings, we do not need to understand, but to feel. « C’est ce que je fais qui m’apprend ce que je cherche / It’s what I’m doing that teaches me what I’m looking for. » – Pierre Soulages –